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Another 5 seconds of fame! My blip as "Officer Callahan" in the trailer for "I'm Not Him" from Director Steve Grimaldi. Full trailer can be seen Noël Ramos on Monday, March 8, 2021

Another small speaking role in a feature film, once again portraying a police officer, and I also made it into the trailer! Officer Christopher Callahan at your disposal, appearing in the film, "I'm Not Him." WATCH THE OFFICIAL RELEASE ON AMAZON PRIME!!! If you watch, PLEASE leave a review. Thanks!

Keeping busy during quarantine, I self-produced and hosted this series of livestreamed interview-style music shows for the Independent Music Conference®, an event I founded in 2002, and have presented all over the USA and as far away as Brisbane, Australia! All episodes can be found at my YouTube Channel or on Facebook at

On set as Officer Christopher Callahan, with my partner Officer Trisha Powell.

Posted by Noël Ramos on Monday, July 27, 2020

Another speaking role in a feature film, once again portraying a police officer! Am I already being typecast? Yes please! Officer Christopher Callahan at your disposal, appearing in the film, "I'm Not Him."

Maraud makes his return, in order to show a toilet paper hoarder how they deal with such things in his realm...

Posted by Noël Ramos on Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Keeping busy during quarantine, I self-produced this humorous clip with some VFX help from my friend Cameron Niemeyer, (who, by the way, created the text for the opening credits of Star Trek: Picard!)

BACK WHERE IT ALL BEGAN!!! Five years ago I found myself portraying a law enforcement officer in a big-budget movie...

Posted by Noël Ramos on Friday, October 4, 2019

A small speaking role in a feature film, portraying Officer Bennett.

My latest spokesperson role for LAPMG, our west coast client. Directed by yours truly and filmed at Unit 2 Productions by our talented Director of Photography, Paul Stamper, who also edited the piece as well. #Preditors #Unit2Productions #Connecticrew

Posted by Noël Ramos on Saturday, June 22, 2019

My latest spokesperson role for Los Angeles Property Management Group.

I don't do much Background Acting anymore but every once in a while it's fun to go to the Big Apple and work with famous...

Posted by Noël Ramos on Monday, April 1, 2019

In NYC to do a little BG acting.

Shakespearean Soliloquy with a dash of SciFi Fantasy.

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My Acting Demo REEL for 2022

Acting Training & Skills

Howard Fine Acting Studio, Los Angeles
Howard Fine, instructor: Script Analysis, Audition for Film & TV, Acting Technique.
The Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, Los Angeles
Master Classes: The Stages of Method Acting w/ David Strasberg, The Art of Acting w/ David Strasberg & Sasha Krane, Emotional Memory w/ MJ Karmi.
The Houde School, Cleveland
Meisner Training w/ Jessica Houde-Morris, Improv w/ Joe Quinn, Script Analysis w/ Keith Brooks, Working Actors w/ Kellen Boyle.
Ongoing Craft Workshop, Atlanta
Using the Six Tools of Acting w/ Robert Pralgo
Basics of On-Camera Acting, Providence
On camera acting class w/ Anne Mulhall.
Actors Growth Lab, Atlanta
Various Workshops and Seminars w/ Kurt Yue and others.
Actors Gym, New Haven
Improve Your Improv w/ Reno Venturi -
Commercial Acting, Beginner w/ Reno Venturi
Commercial Acting, Intermediate w/ Reno Venturi
Teleprompter, In-Ear Teleprompter w/ Reno Venturi
Ongoing Intermediate/Advanced w/ Reno Venturi
Introduction to Voiceover, w/ Marty Moran
Private Coaching
Morgan Bradley, Keith Brooks, Travis Jeffery
Actors Feedback Forum, Meriden
I am the Founder/Group Leader of an intensive study group featuring 20+ dedicated actors.
Improv, Meriden
Improvisational techniques w/ Mike Esposito
Police Ride-Along, Worcester
Ride-Along Training w/ Officer Mike Rodriguez - Worcester Police. Procedures, safety, terminology and more.
Weapons Safety and Range Practice, Palm Coast
Shooting practice, gun safety, weapons handling/cleaning w/ Range Safety Officer, Lisa D'Andrea
Holistic Healing & Martial Arts Center (HHMAC), Milford
Stage Combat/Hapkido basics w/ Chris LaCava
Yale New Haven Radio (WYBC), New Haven
Yale New Haven - WYBC Associate Program - FCC License
KC101 Radio, Hartford/New Haven
Intern for Kelly Nash
Sammons Cable Access, Waterbury
Television Production/Hosting/Live Broadcasting. Produced/Directed/Hosted an award winning show.
WPAA-TV, Wallingford
TV Production, Live Broadcasting, TriCaster, Directing, Assistant Directing, Teleprompter, Camera, Equipment Mgmnt, Stage Mgmnt and more.
Powerstation DJ Corp - DJ of the Month Award three times consecutively
Graphic Design, Illustration, Sculpture, Set/Prop Design/Construction, Director, Key Grip, Camera, Copy Writing, Web Design/HTML, Event Planning, Emcee/Host, DJ, Music Industry.
Bicycling-general, Driving - car, Driving - stick shift-standard, Motorcycle, Frisbee - general, Host, Professional Speaker, Racquetball, Rollerblading, Running - general, Snow Skiing - general, Voices-characters
Other non-acting related work, hobbies, charities, etc.:
I am the Executive Director of the Independent Music Conference.

I was one of 38 founding members of the International Coalition of Consumer Advocates.

Decades of experience as a graphic designer, illustrator, sculptor, carpentry, and as an Emcee/Host for thousands of live events all over the country.

My Videos

Amongst Strangers: segment featuring Noël Ramos as "Big Joe."

Cold Hearted: starring Noël Ramos as "Raymond Tavish."

MACE - A Web Series: starring Noël Ramos. Biker Club fight scene.

Blindspot episode: "A Stray Howl" on NBC, starring Jaimie Alexander

Teaser for MACE - A Web Series, starring Noël Ramos

Wayback Burgers Training Video featuring Noël Ramos

Sinners, dir. by
Derek Dubois. Noël Ramos as the School Custodian

Caped Crusader, The Dark Hours. Noël Ramos as a Hush Thug

Bird's Eye Commercial Demo. Commercial Acting Class at Actors Gym

Greenwich Hospital Commercial

HSRI (Spanish)

HealthSource Rhode Island (English)

Recommendations for Noël

At 12:46pm on Nov 22, 2022, Josh AlfordJosh Alford, actor said…

"Noël Ramos the nicest guy out there in the film industry. He explains things in a very clear and understandable language. He is very patient and very selfless. He loves everything about acting and has a vast knowledge of what it takes to be an actor. He will help you reach your goal quickly if you apply what you learn from him. He is great at encouraging you but at the same time telling you what you need to work on to better yourself in your self-taped auditions. I highly recommend working with him to further your career in acting."

At 1:26pm on Sep 2, 2022, Alivia IannucciAlivia Iannucci, actor said…

"I’m learning so much with all of the resources / feedback provided in the group. I had little clue about technical details for self tape auditions until I got feedback from Noël. It’s an amazing group to be in and you’ll for sure grow as an actor! Noël Ramos has an incredible amount of experience and a huge passion to share his knowledge with everyone. I’ve learned so many things about acting, tech for self tapes, agencies, accents, annunciation, film vocabulary, professionalism and I could go on and on. The topics in Actors Feedback Forum are endless. Not only is it resourceful, but overall it’s a community. If you need anything, people in the group will always have your back. I’m beyond grateful to be a part of the Actors Feedback Forum."

At 4:29pm on Aug 15, 2022, Al BraleyAl Braley, actor said…

"Noël gives excellent feedback & he is very encouraging to all his fellow actors."

At 1:55pm on May 22, 2022, XXXXxxxxBradley Van Dussen, film industry professional said…

"Noël, it’s Saturday evening at almost 7pm and I am perusing movies on Pure Flix. I watch the trailer for I’M NOT HIM and see this cop…whoa! Congrats on this role; so happy for you!"

At 12:46pm on Jul 22, 2021, Porcelain DalyaPorcelain Dalya, film industry professional said…

"Can't recommend Noël Ramos enough! Professional and laser focused on helping you achieve your goals!"

At 1:55pm on Jul 12, 2021, Sam ZilicSam Zilic, actor said…

"Re: your acting: Dude you should be in films period. It lured me in, you did amazing, I have met you in person and to see you transform into a “character” is when I know you did well!! Amazing.
Re: your directing: Noel, you should be doing this for a living, you are truly a great mentor, I have sent others to join your forum and I won’t forget your tips, advice, and directorial direction!"

At 10:51am on Sep 15, 2018, Sean SederholmSean Sederholm Producer and Director of "Mrs. Hawking" said…

"I want to take this late September morning to shout out the facebookian TV/media lovers out there (so all?), to check out Noël Ramos' teaser for his upcoming crime series, FREEZE FRAMED. It's a completely unique take on the genre that gives the audience a chance to get in on the action. Noël and Paul Stamper knocked it out of the park for my short film, Mrs. Hawking, and this series is a continuation of the skill the two bring to the indie platform. Noël is the filmmaker who will go above and beyond on a project and is one of the most professional and knowledgeable filmmakers I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

At 11:27am on May 1, 2017, Phil HallPhil Hall, Host of "The Online Movie Show" said…

"I had the pleasure to work with Noël Ramos on two endeavors - "The Ghostlight Project" and "The Sparrow Falling" - and I was impressed with the professionalism that he brings to his work as an actor/writer/director. It is a pleasure to share his creative output in this week's podcast episode."

At 12:06:45pm on November 29, 2016, Jeffrey MartinJeffrey Martin, Producer/Director said…

"Hey Noel, Thanks for sending all of this over to me! I am impressed with your reel. Here's a copy of the script we are going to be shooting with. You seem to be a good fit for Detective Carlson. Let me know what you think. We are having a table read in Amherst, MA tomorrow at there any way you could make it? Please let me know." (Click to SEE ME as Detective Carlson in "Oliviex.")

At 10:22:09pm on October 18, 2016, Sebastian NevilleSebastian Neville, Cinematographer/Producer/Editor said…

"A friend recommended Noël to help me out for a shoot in CT. "He is the "Swiss Army Knife of PAs" I was told. I thought, OK that's good but I'm sure my contact is exaggerating... then came Noël. He was ready to help as a PA but with the tools of a grip guy or even a gaffer. His knowledge around equipment is excellent. He understands how to organize equipment and how to set up lights, more importantly to make changes on the go. A pleasure to work with. Great service. Highly recommended."

At 2:24:00pm on October 18, 2016, Creative Resources GroupCreative Resources Group (CRG), Broadcasting & Media Production/Advertising Agency said…

"Thanks Noël Ramos, glad to have you on set again. The pleasure is all ours! Just love all the great new footage we get to work with, I mean come on, look at your winning smile! :)"

At 5:46:29pm on September 8, 2016, Nolan YeeNolan Yee, Director said…

"I needed an AC for my short film, and was put in touch with Noël Ramos by another local filmmaker, and I couldn't have been happier. Noël is a hard working, prepared, and extremely competent hand. He takes initiative when he sees something needs to be done, and was always at the side of my DP. He went above and beyond in his duties, and rolled with the punches as we worked through on set difficulties, (which will always happen.) If you have the chance to work with Noël, take it."

At 12:52pm on May 15, 2016, Susan BrudnySusan Brudny, Audience member said…

"What a great show last night. Noël was part of an amazing cast for Sigourney Square Park. He had a particular challenge playing an autistic person... Well done! Fabulous chemistry between actors! Loved the storyline. Mixture of emotions throughout the play. The play was great on so many levels! Hit many emotions & had a wonderful nostalgic edge. The happy ending which could have been corny, wasn't. So glad Terri & I came. Oh & the clever construction of the set by Noël Ramos! Very impressive all around!"

At 11:33pm on May 14, 2016, Chris TangrediChris Tangredi, Actor said…

"Hey Noël, I came down to Hartford tonight to check out Sigourney Square Park and your performance. You did a great job! You were funny and emotional and you all got another standing ovation tonight!"

At 4:52pm on March 28, 2016, Nick PalmerNick Palmer, Producer/Director said…

"Noel's Streetlight Emulator breathed new life into the scene, giving an authentic seedy feel to the whole thing. With its unique makeshift design, he was able to perfectly emulate the look of a car driving in the night. Mr. Ramos is truly a cinema MacGyver. Thanks for your ingenuity and support Noël! I look forward to a long partnership with Unit 2 Productions."

At 11:58am on December 15, 2015, Gnana ShekaranGnana Shekaran, Producer/Director said…

"Honestly... your performance was awesome. You should definitely be part of my feature."

At 3:14pm on October 15, 2015, John GalvinJohn Galvin, Key Grip said…

"While I was Key Grip on ‘Ghost Tour’, I had my first opportunity to meet and work with Noel. He quickly proved himself to be a great choice for the Key Grip Position when I was directing my own Project, ‘Room for One More’ the next month. His capable, safety based, no-nonsense approach to his responsibilities on set was a great model for the whole team. I will definitely be enlisting him on my future productions." John W Galvin - JWI Entertainment

At 12:05am on October 1, 2015, Nick PalmerNick Palmer, Director said…

"With a professionalism only matched by his charm, Noel Ramos is an invaluable addition and a boost of creative energy to any film set! I swear by it!"

At 10:49pm on September 30, 2015, Mike MagilnickMike Magilnick, Producer/Director said…

"Noel Ramos was a pleasure to have on set in any capacity. I've worked with Noel in multiple capacities on set. As an Actor he was very thorough and kept clear sight of what his role was and how it impacted his fellow cast members' roles and performances. His knowledge from the crew side helped him to be especially helpful while performing and knowing what we were doing on our end and how it may effect his end. As a Key Grip he was extremely safe and thorough. I never felt the desire to check his work and verify things were being done properly. He managed his department efficiently and clearly. I would hire him on in a heartbeat for any picture, big or small in the future."

At 12:59am on July 19, 2015, Erik BloomquistErik Bloomquist, Director said…

"Noel - thanks again for your hard work. You were a huge asset to set. Looking forward to having you on the next one."

At 7:42am on December 23, 2014, Christophe PetitChristophe Petit, Boston Casting Extras Coordinator for Bleed For This said…

"Thank you Noël!!! You were great and I seriously appreciate you putting so much effort into your 80's wardrobe and look. Love the hair dude!!! It's because of all of you that these scenes will look amazing! I hope to see you on set again in 2015! Break a leg buddy!!!"

At 10:19am on December 19, 2014, Philadelphia: The Great ExperimentPhiladelphia: The Great Experiment said…

"Thanks! It was great to have you working with us!"

At 2:02pm on December 1, 2014, Mark Alan KMark Alan K, Director/Editor/Visual FX said…

"Dedicated and prepared is how Noel arrived on set and I look forward to working with him and his diverse talents on future projects."

At 5:56pm on Nov 18, 2014, Alex CalvoAlex Calvo, Director of The Missing Girl said…

"Will def credit you as Club Patron. You totally rocked! Thank you!!"

At 7:42am on October 5, 2014, Steven P. NemphosSteven P. Nemphos, Extras Coordinator for History Making Productions said…

"Thanks Noel! I appreciate your dependability. It was a HUGE help!"

At 5:56pm on September 19, 2014, Reno VenturiReno Venturi, of Actors Gym & Talent said…

"Hey, this guy is pretty good. :)"

At 9:14pm on August 4, 2014, Dominique LaFleurDominique LaFleur said…

"It was a tough night but you did amazing!!! Blessed night indeed!!!"

At 12:11pm on July 6, 2014, Robert LongstreetRobert Longstreet, Star of The Missing Girl said…

"Thank you for all your hard work!!!"

At 6:30pm on July 5, 2014, Alexia RasmussenAlexia Rasmussen, Star of The Missing Girl said…

"You were a very positive force throughout the entire project."

At 12:06pm on July 28, 2014, Lisa LeiLani WynnLisa LeiLani Wynn, Producer of Caped Crusader said…

"It was a pleasure working with you Noël Ramos"

At 5:36pm on May 4, 2014, Michelle RaeMichelle Rae said…

"It was a great pleasure to meet and work with you, Noel! Hope to work with you again soon!"

At 7:23am on August 22, 2014, Allen J. RedwingAllen J. Redwing, Director of The Imposing. said…

"Noel, getting great feedback on our screening form!!! Keep up the great work and congrats!!!"

At 8:08pm on May 21, 2014, Mary HronicekMary Hronicek said…

"It was great meeting & working with you yesterday."

At 5:02pm on December 21, 2013, Patrick LeePatrick Lee, Producer of Like Lambs said…

"You were an amazing asset to this film. We are excited to see you again for the final shoot in NYC, and your character "Agent Fidelio" will most certainly be in the credits."

At 10:10pm on December 20, 2013, John KassabJohn Kassab, Producer of Like Lambs said…

"We all think you are awesome and that's why we gave you a featured extra role in the film. You look amazing on film and we are hugely appreciative of your efforts."

At 5:40pm on November 29, 2013, Ted MarcusTed Marcus, Director of Like Lambs said…

"It was an absolute pleasure working with you. Thanks for making such a bold impression on the screen."

Performance Updates: recent acting endeavors, gigs or auditions:

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Just watched the premiere of Blindspot on NBC. I will be back on set Thursday! So proud to be part of this new show! Jaimie Alexander rocks!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Two shoots in Maine, affectionately referred to as "LA" (Lewiston/Auburn.) Shoot in NYC tomorrow! Who needs Hollywood? :) #NewEallywood! :)"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Just completed my first Print Job! Awesome shoot with a bunch of awesome people."

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"My role in "Wolves" just added to IMDb. Never imagined I'd have a list like this! Still pinching myself... "

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"JUST GOT A CALL BACK for a lead role!!! :) Celebrated by making home-made chicken fried rice. YUM!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"I was bumped up twice on commercial shoots produced by CRG, for Bernardi Auto Group!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"I've been so busy, haven't had time to post an update! Just wrapped a principal role, for a film called "Cold Hearted," did BG w/ Kevin Hart and the The Rock & have 2 TV commercials this month!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"There were SEVEN paychecks from acting jobs in my mailbox yesterday!!! #KEEPWORKING"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Back on set tomorrow for another feature! I was hand selected by the Director as a "featured extra" so it has very special significance to me!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"BUSY lately! Broad Squad pilot, Kay's Baptism, November Criminals, Commercials, Short Films, Philadelphia Documentary, Heroes Among Us... AWESOME! :)"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"My very first feature film just released a trailer, and I'm in it for a blip! :)"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"I was hired for a Wayback Burger training video!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"ANOTHER SUCCESSFUL AUDITION!!! I just got hired to do dinner theater – Joey and Maria's Comedy Italian Wedding!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"BUMPED UP TO FEATURED EXTRA ON A MAJOR MOTION PICTURE produced by Martin Scorsese! It was the most amazing experience yet on this wild ride!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"I GOT THE PART! Although I have successfully auditioned before via a video submission, this latest role is my first won via a LIVE audition!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Confirmed film credits in two upcoming features! "Like Lambs" w/ Liam Aiken, and "The Missing Girl" w/ Alexia Rasmussen & Robert Longstreet!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"The Batman fan-film in which I play a "thug" just SOLD-OUT the 400 seat theater in which we will have our world premiere!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Received the finished Spokesperson job I did for an Aussie music co. the NIGHT BEFORE going to Australia for IMC/AU! A good omen? Yes! :)"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"JUST GOT ANOTHER OFFER! This one is for a role in a very cool historical documentary. I am feeling incredibly fortunate right now!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"WOW! I just got a call from a Director whom I really admire, and he offered me a really cool part in the movie he's currently working on."

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Shot my very first paid professional Spokesperson role yesterday! It was awesome!!!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update.
"Updated and uploaded my Reel! Added some new footage."

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Designed a promo photo using one of my new headshots. Also used it as a slate/thumbnail for my Reel!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Just got headshots done by the amazing Seth Kaye! Retouching them myself, uploaded three already!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"MY FIRST GREEN SCREEN SHOOT TODAY in Paulsboro, NJ at the historic Hill Theatre Studio!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Filmed a scene for "The Imposing" yesterday in Boston, today: self-taped audition for a CT based commercial!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"I just got hired as an Extra for a corporate video!!!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"THAT'S A WRAP! Caped Crusader: The Dark Hours has officially wrapped. What a pleasure and privilege to be a part of it!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"AGAIN!!! Sinners (in which I have a small part) has been selected a second time, to be shown at the MASSACHUSETTS INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"SINNERS (in which I have a small part) has been selected! Its WORLD PREMIERE will be at the 2014 RHODE ISLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"My IMDb profile page now features my role as KEY PA and BG for "The Missing Girl," filmed in New London, CT!

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"THAT'S A WRAP! The star of "The Missing Girl" hugged me and called me a "very positive force." I'm proud to be Key PA for this great film."

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Joined the cast of "The Imposing" today, and enjoyed our first rehearsal immensely!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"One more day as PA for a world-famous band setting up their staging, and then I move to another project as PA for a movie shoot! #setlife!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Sinners" is officially released! I portray the "School Custodian" as well as an uncredited appearance as a "Churchgoer."

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Spent all day yesterday in Rhode Island filming a crowd scene for the movie "Almost Mercy," directed by Tommy DeNucci!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"I now have 2 official credits on my IMDB page, thanks to Derek Dubois' film; "Sinners." Proud to be a small part of it!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Just auditioned today for a very cool movie! Fingers crossed!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Just wrapped - credited role on a large-scale indie film featuring Hollywood stars who've appeared w/ Carrey, Cage and Hanks to name a few!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"BUSY WEEKEND! Self-recorded auditions for a CT film! Sat headed into NYC, 8am call for a "protest scene." Sun - another shoot back in CT!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Just got word that I will be an Extra for a feature film where some of my friends are cast/crew! Looking forward to working with them again!"

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Another shoot coming up this weekend for Derek Dubois' impressive short film entitled "Sinners.""

Noël Ramos posted a performing update
"Proud to be a part of the Greenwich Hospital ad produced by Flat Iron Works and cast by Reno Venturi!"

My Biography

I began my life as an artist when I was very young, taking a serious interest in sculpting and illustration, as well as other media. At the age of 13, I had already created an entire universe of original super heroes. I wrote, illustrated, colored, inked and lettered dozens of complete, one-of-a-kind comic books featuring my characters. After a few more years of intensive self-directed study, I enrolled in formal training as a comic book artist with Dick Giordano and Frank McLaughlin, two of the most well-known artists of their time. Dick was the current President of DC Comics, the makers of my favorite hero: Batman. Frank was the inker on the Justice League of America book, one of DC's most popular titles.

Frank really took me under his wing, and during a tour of his professional art studio, he introduced me to the world of Graphic Design, forever altering my career path. I became a young professional Graphic Artist when McDonald's hired me to paint their famous characters on the windows of several restaurants. I was just 16 years old.

Upon graduating Naugatuck High School with honors at the age of 17, I immediately left home, striking out on my own by moving all the way to California. Just two weeks after arriving there, still months before my 18th birthday, I was hired as a professional Graphic Artist for a company that designed and created Directories and signage for shopping malls.

While living in California, I also began working as a DJ and Live Event Host/Emcee. It was the actual beginning of my performance career, and would lead me into radio work, commercial production and the eventual creation of a music conference that grew into an international event. The Independent Music Conference® would be presented in cities all over the U.S., including Hollywood, and even as far away as Brisbane, Australia.

Almost eight years after moving to Sacramento, I returned to my hometown to open my own Graphic Design business, which flourished for years. At one time I designed the logos for both of the top two radio stations in Connecticut, and my billboards and bumper stickers could often be seen next to each other on the highways.

Then as the technology became easily available to consumers, and the digital video revolution began in earnest during the 80s, I leapt into it by publishing a magazine and created a television show based on it, called "Mixx Video." For two years I hosted the cable access program watched by almost 40,000 cable subscribers. During its run, the show won two viewer's choice awards, and I interviewed dozens of famous musicians, and featured many local artists on the live program.

As the Independent Music Conference grew I began to focus less and less on the performance side of my efforts, until many years later, when I joined a semi-professional singing group called LeVoci as one of three basses. Together we toured Italy and sang in beautiful and historic locations such as the Vatican. Singing in public reawakened my love for performance, but it wasn't until a fateful email some years later that I'd end up in front of a camera again.

Ironically, as if to symbolize the lifelong link between my graphics career and my performance efforts, the email arrived via an unlikely source. It was posted to a discussion list for Graphics and Digital Media people. It was a call for "Extras," needed for a feature film that was to be shot in scenic Great Barrington, MA. I took a chance and sent a recent photo. The reply was immediate and surprising: "Hey Noel, Thanks so much for your response, you are exactly the type we are looking for."

To summarize the whirlwind that I was about to experience: I ended up filming for well over a month, I was bumped up (promoted) to Featured Extra, given a character name: "Agent Fidelio," and promised a listing in the credits! The final scene was shot in New York City, and it was spectacular. The film is called "Like Lambs" and stars such well-known names as Liam Aiken (Lemony Snickets w/ Jim Carrey and Road to Perdition w/ Tom Hanks), Justin Chon (21 & Over, Twilight) and more! It is scheduled to be released in 2016, and I have remained involved with its post-production as a social media promoter.

The encouragement I received from the film's Producers and Directors, prompted me to take acting classes, and I enrolled at the amazing Actors Gym in New Haven, CT. The school's founder, Reno Venturi remains one of my most influential mentors and helped me launch a brand new career.

Now, just two years after that email arrived, I have an IMDb page filled with TV credits, short films, Feature-length films, Commercials, Spokesperson roles, Live Dinner Theater, and more…

My latest recurring role has been as a Background Actor for the new hit television show on NBC called "Blindspot." Watch for "Agent Kyle LaColla" as he works alongside the rest of his team and the stars of the show in the "SIOC," or Strategic Information Operations Center. It seems fitting that I started as "Agent Fidelio," and now I am "Agent LaColla."

If I have to be typecast, it could be worse… :)

NBC TV's Blindspot

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• Independent Music Conference®

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